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Email your inquiries to info@pwflowermar


 Q & A:

1) Do you have a pricelist?  Great Question!  We have a "LIVE" price-list that is available to registered floral professionals only.  We do not maintain a price/availability
list for the public.  Like gas prices the prices and availability can fluctuate without notice.  Weather and seasonal availability are the two biggest factors that influence prices.  Let us know what you are looking for as there is a good chance we can find it!  

2) When should I place my order?  All orders need to be placed 10 days in advance.  There is a lot that goes into the logistics of sourcing flowers from ordering, cutting, packing, shipping, receiving, and processing that will help to ensure that your flowers arrive on time and in the best condition.  If your event is in less than 10 days don't worry!  We STILL have time to assist you!  Please email orders to
3)  What if my product fails?  Don't worry!  We will fix that!  Please keep in mind that your product is a perishable item and that it is never our intent to source bad flowers.  With that being said we do have a 24-hour guarantee on flowers and will replace or refund you should product fail.  Please let us know as soon as you notice product failure so that we can accommodate you quickly.  We do have a few flowers that are on the "buy at your own risk" list because they are unreliable as a cut flower and/or need special attention once they are in your home (Some of these varieties include dahlias, stock, anemone, astilbe, garden roses, poppy, sweet pea, tuberose, peony,  stephanotis, lilac, lisianthus, and hydrangea). For these items there is NO recourse.  

4) Do you make and deliver arrangements?  Point West Flower Market has various extremely talented floral designers at the ready that can custom design arrangements for you.  Orders can be called in directly or placed through DoorDash or GRUBHUB.  Delivery zones are restricted to a 12 mile radius from our location on all orders.

5) Do you ship?  Currently we are able to ship (non-arrangements) via ground-shipping into California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Washington.  We can ship via Fedex within the lower 48.  Please email info@pwflowermarket for additional details.

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