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Why are we opening to the public?

To the florists that have supported and continue to support our growth during the birth of our wholesale flower market-  We LOVE you!  We have survived and grown so much together and are now at a turning point.  It is time to carefully acknowledge the changes the Tubbs Fire, Kinkaide Fire, and the Covid 19 pandemic have forced upon us in order to sustain our portion of the floral industry.  When faced with the aftermath of these disasters we have thoughtfully considered our future.  We have realized that there is a magnificent opportunity to service our florists as well as become the epicenter for distribution of local and imported flowers, plants, design, and community in the Bay area and Wine Country for flower connoisseurs.  The time for exclusivity is over.  We are choosing to be inclusive and to educate all flower lovers as to the importance of buying locally, choosing florists over box stores, and growing sustainably. In addition to importing some rare beauties that may otherwise not be discovered by local residents we choose to support our local farms as often as we can.  With the changes we expect to make the process of buying and procuring bulk flowers for florists and carry-out flowers to everyone more affordable.  In addition, we hope to reinvigorate the community's love and support of local floral artisans.  At Point West Wholesale Flower Market we want everyone to feel and love the flower market experience.  Welcome to Wine Country's fresh cut flower and plants resource center!  

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